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Step into a world of digital collectibles

Join the Hangry Hippo NFT community and discover the benefits of digital collectible ownership by purchasing a Hangry Hippo NFT from one of our collections.

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Hangry Hippo NFT
Hangry Hippo NFT

Hangry Hippo Gen 1

The original Hangry Hippo NFT collection released in Spring 2022, consisting of 5555 3D NFT's living on the ethereum blockchain.

6 parcels of land in the Sandbox metaverse have been purchased as a community holding and are ready to be developed on launch.

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Hangry Hippo NFT
Hangry Hippo NFT
Hangry Hippo NFT

Hangry Hippo Elite

An exclusive collection of 555 3D NFTs. A second generation collection, that allows you to generate revenue from both your Gen 1 and Elite NFT IP rights, more information will be released once phase 1 of the merch store is launched.

One lucky holder of a Hangry Hippo Elite NFT will win A $1500 flight voucher that can be redeemed against most major airlines, each NFT held at the time of the draw equals 1 entry.

Phase 2 Minting Soon!

Join the discord for more information about the launch date and how to get on the all important white list!

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Gen 1 Roadmap

Sandbox Metaverse

At 50% of mint sellout, we purchased land in the Sandbox Metaverse. You – the hippo holders – chose where our community bought land. Join us and be a co-owner of parcels:
-77 -72, -77 -71, -77 -70, -76 -72, -76 -71, -76 -70

Charity Water Donation

At 100% of mint sellout, we donated 10 ETH ($30000) to the organization Charity Water. Being a bunch of hippos, water is everything to us. Turns out we are not the only ones. 1 out of 3 people have no access to clean drinking water. As a community, we want to be part of the solution.

Hangry Tools

We're proud to bring the Hangry Hippo community an exclusive utility to add to your toolbelts. Know what's rare, track the latest trends and more. HANGRY.TOOLS initial launch has been made available to holders and will continue to be developed and improved.


The Hangry Hippo holders expressed their desire for the projects metaverse land asset to be held & governed by a DAO, giving holders the ability to vote on all decisions we make going forward. Phase one of the DAO was launched in December 2022.

Elite Roadmap

Hangry Hippo Elite Launch

The exclusive release of 555 Elite hippos launched on the ethereum blockchain. 50 whitelist spots available for gen 1 holders only. Phase 1 of 215 sales complete.
Whitelist Sale 0.04eth
Public Sale 0.06eth

Alpha Calls

Holding 3 Hangry Hippo Elite NFT's will gain you access to the alpha call channel in our discord. Get insights from expert crypto and NFT traders and follow their trades as they happen.

Project Rebrand

The launch of the long awaited Hangry Hippo merch drop and project rebranding. We have taken the time to build in the bear market and make the Hanrgy Hippo project a sustainable business model. Our bespoke platform has been built with one thing in mind. GROWTH!

Merch Phase 2

Multi currency & crypto payments support. Watch our website become a real world use case for the issues that crypto currencies can help businesses overcome.

Refer to earn for elite holders - Get your personal holders link and earn a percentage of the sales from traffic you generate. Build with us and earn!

Merch Phase 3

Holder store fronts - Utilise your IP rights from both collections and sell products branded with your Hangry Hippo NFT's

Elite Collection Mint Phase 2

We will be release the next batch of Elite Hippos onto the blockchain. Dont miss the opportunity to join our community and grow with us. 3 legendary elite hippos still remain to be minted.

$1500 Flight Voucher Giveaway

One lucky holder of an Elite hippo will receive a $1500 flight voucher that can be redeemed against any major airline. This draw will take place live on a twitter space once the collection has sold out.

Join Our Community

Come and join our thriving Discord community, get involved in our daily rumbles and purchase a hippo to be in with a chance to win some ETH in one of our trait raffle giveaways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital collectibles?

Otherwise know as an NFT or Non Fungible Token, an NFT is a type of digital asset that represents ownership or proof of authenticity of a unique item or piece of content, by using blockchain technology.

How do I buy a Hangry Hippo NFT?

You can currently purchase a Hangry Hippo NFT from either of our collections on the OpenSea secondary market or through our minting Dapp here.

What is the difference between minting and the secondary market?

The act of adding a digital item to the blockchain is known as "minting" an NFT. This proves its unchangeable record of ownership and legitimacy. All "mints" are a set price and the hippo you receive will be random opposed to on the secondary market the sellers sets the price of their listed hippo, you know exactly what you are getting but will pay the price the sellers sets for it.

How do I mint a Hangry Hippo NFT?

To mint a Hangry Hippo NFT all you will need is a crypto wallet with enough ethereum for how many hippos you wish to purchase. You can watch a step by step of the minting process by clicking here. If you have further questions feel free to join our discord where one of our team or community members will be more than happy to help you.

What are the benefits of holding a Hangry Hippo NFT

When purchasing a Hangry Hippo NFT, you not only become part of our community, your NFT gains you access to other benefits such as being part owner of our community held Sandbox Land and entitled a percentage of the revenue this will generate once Sandbox launches.

If you hold an Elite Hippo, you will be in with the chance of winning a $1500 flight voucher when the collection mints out. Each elite hippo in your wallet represents one entry. Your elite hippos will also allow you to utilise your IP rights and earn money for products that are sold with your hippo on them.

How do I sell my Hangry Hippo NFT

Anyone who owns an NFT can list it for sale on a secondary market such as Opensea. When selling your Hippo a 10% creator fee will automatically be deducted from your sale price.

Can I right click and save someone elses NFT?

In short, yes. The same way you can go to an art gallery and take a photo of an expensive painting. Having a "copy" can not be verified on the blockchain and does not grant you the holders benefits or the abillity to sell the item should you want to.

Hangry Hippo Team

If you are interested in learning more about the Hangry Hippo project or would like to speak to someone from the team, please join the Discord community where we will be able to answer your questions.

Hangry Hippo NFT

Queen Hippo

Project Lead
Hangry Hippo NFT


Hangry Hippo NFT


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Hangry Hippo NFT

Jazz Hippo

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Hangry Hippo NFT

Meta Hippo

Hangry Hippo NFT